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Related article: Date: Sat, 4 Sep 1999 17:03:40 EDT From: Subject: adventures of tray and jay 23"Adventures of Tray and Jay 23"PART 23: TRAY AND JAYSeems like we were spending a lot of time with each other, my little bro and me. So much was changing, I couldn't keep up Lolita Toplist with it. I mean shit, look at Jay! He's a damn man, practically. A real handsome devil, too. I love him so much, and we share everything, so when he's happy, I'm happy, and when he hurts, it kills me. But we got through all that, see, as a family, all of us together.We were walking through the park one beautiful April afternoon, and we almost had the place to ourselves, other than some kids necking and old people feeding the pigeons. You know how the sun streaks through the branches and leaves and lights up little parts of the ground? That's how it was, and we both got into it big time. Then Jay took my hand in his, and it was so natural, so beautiful, so warm, sweet, everything, I wondered how anyone could want anything other than those things.We stepped behind a big old tree, and I just had to do it, see. I pinned my hot little brother to that trunk and smooched him good and wet, in the municipal park in broad damn daylight! Our eyes closed, and our mouths moved and sucked and tasted and licked all over each other's wild young lips and cheeks and chins and necks and just all over the place, okay.I felt Jay's hands squeeze my hard butt and then go all crazy horny to my big wet bulge in my jeans and play with it, and then the little fucker grabbed the top button and yanked it rough, and he bit me light and sexy on my upper lip so I groaned and pressed close to him.Well, fuck, then I had no choice, see, I was gone, I dropped to my knees and chewed on Jay's throbbing 8, no, 9 inches? Jesus! Anyway, I chewed that sweet boy's big-assed boner through his brown cords that were darker at the tip of his huge thing way over on his damn hip!Then I stuck my face up under his tight nuts, between his strong Rugby boy thighs, and listened to my bro moan and generally spaz as he played with my hair and I undid his pants, and Jay went even nuttier, see, he ground his aching balls in my face through his funky smelling soft cords.That's when I sort of cried, okay, and shot off in my jeans! No hands! Fuck, that kid just whips my cream! He knew what he did to me, of course, we always know that shit Lolita Toplist with each other, and he chuckled all totally low and sexy and man-animal, you know? So I did, too, only Jay's voice is lower than mine now. His dick's bigger, and his voice is lower, what next? Fuck if I cared, though, I loved it!I felt my big load trapped under my Tommy's all over my sweaty leg where it joins my hip, wet and juicy and manly as all fucking hell, and Jay's great cock kind of popped out the side of his, damn, he had his jock on! Ohmygod, I went insane! I ate his spunky, funky balls through the soft, wet net and licked his hairy sexy boy grooves until I made him tense and lift up on his toes and pull my damn hair, see, yeah, that little fag loved it, alright!My tongue lashed out on his long, red, pulsing shaft and made his meat shine with my spit, and I licked the clear fruit juice oozing real fast from the slit in Jay's awesome round cock head, no, I fucking slurped it, see, my own sperm was cooling in my pants, and I was so damn comfortable there on my knees, my ass easy on my heels, so I went for it.I ripped Jay's cords and strap all the way down to his dark brown hairy ankles and buried my face in his tormented 16-year-old nuts and breathed in that sweet sweaty adolescent Jay smell. I think Jay couldn't stand it any more, because all of a sudden he gripped his own dick and the back of my head and planted his cock in my mouth where he wanted it, see, where it should damn well be!And he fucked my face, what else? Jay pumped it fast, he wasn't going to wait for anything, no way, he was going for it as soon as he got there, and he used both hands to hold my eager head where he said it should be, Lolita Toplist right there, and each thrust of his powerful hips sent his brother cock deep in my willing throat. I felt it coming, but shit!The first massive spurt of Jay's nectar hit my swallow reflex place and filled my whole mouth with him, and then he jammed the whole 9" beauty all the way down my throat and held it there with my moans vibrating his riled shaft way down in me and his overheated teenage need twitching off violently, each shot jumping from his nuts all the way through his huge dick and splatting straight down to my stomach!My nose nestled real happy in his damp, dense, dark Jay pubes, all of my fingers playing with his nasty butthole. He stood there, and I kneeled there, as his sperm drained slowly from him to me, see, and his eager prick twitched off more now and then, especially when I pulled off it slow and easy and his whole lean, hard body twisted! Yeah, I like doing that!That's when I looked to the side and saw this cute 15-year-old on a dirt bike sitting there in shock watching us!"Oh, fuck," I heard Jay breathe.Only, the kid was stroking himself through his baggy camouflage pants. The breeze made his loose, dark brown curls move gently, and his eyes, oh man, his nasty brown eyes just focused on the point where Jay's cock pointed to my mouth, and he licked his lips and blinked, light headed. So I stood, and the kid snapped and turned his bike to flee as Jay pulled up his cords fast."Where you going, man?" I called to him, and he stopped so fast his wheels slipped on all the leaves. I cocked my head to him, and he came over cautiously. His mom warned him about men like me, you bet!"Hey," he said, husky, scared, horny as hell, flushed in the face and needing to shoot bad."Come here," Jay ordered him, and the kid did it! He had his legs over the bike and walked it to Jay, who promptly grabbed at the tent in those hot camouflage pants and made the kid shudder and close his eyes. "What's your name, dude?""UHH! OHH! MAN!" He opened his eyes. "Uh, shit, uh, Devon.""Cool, Devon. I'm Jay. This is my big Lolita Toplist bro, Tray.""What?"We both had to laugh. Devon shook his head and grinned, knowing he'd heard right."Come on, Devon."That's how Jay led Devon and me to this boathouse there, I'd seen it but never gone in, see. Suddenly I wondered how many studs Jay had done there! Oh, well.In the back, where it was nice and dark and musty smelling, kind of sexy, actually, behind some big boxes and shit, I took Devon from behind and scared his ass, but Jay sandwiched him from the other side and we were all humping good until Jay tried to kiss him."Oh, no way!" Devon said, shivering, so no problem, Jay dropped himself and Devon's cute military pants to the floor and went to work on that boy's thick 6.5" cock, curved down. Lolita Toplist I watched it slide perfectly down little bro's throat, in and out, a perfect damn fit! Then Devon tensed in my arms and emptied his load in Jay's surprised mouth, and if I hadn't held him he would have gone down for sure!I licked Devon's neck and slipped my tongue carefully in his ear, and when he grunted and laughed I knew I had him. So Jay sucked on and I felt his hand reach up and squeeze my still hard bad boy and open my jeans again, man, that boy was good with his damn hands! Next thing I knew my hard-on was poking Devon's crack, and he got nervous as hell but I didn't back off."I know you're straight, Devon, it's cool, but I want to share something real cool with you, better than anything, I swear," I whispered in his ear, and I could feel he wanted to believe me. "Trust me, dude?"He made this choking sound and nodded. I found a rubber in my pocket and put it on fast. His eyes rolled back in his overwhelmed head!"Spit in my hand, nice and good and nasty," I breathed in his ear and offered him my palm. He hawked up a huge one for me and did it, and I lubed his unused asshole with it. My gloved cock worked its way easy over Devon's hot, tight rim."Oh, yeah, Jay, lick my nuts, man, that's way cool, dude! Oh, God, Jay! Your mouth! It's so fucking warm and sexy! My first time, man! Eat my nuts, man!"That's when my cock head penetrated Devon's tight fucking rim and he gasped and tensed in my arms. I'd never fucked anyone that way, standing straight up and all, and, well, I was real hot for that boy's ass!"Easy! Don't be afraid, Devon! Relax!" And he did! I slid all the way in him, and he lost it good, see, real good!"OH-OH-OH-OH-OH! YEAH! DO IT, WHATEVER, MAN, WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU DO WITH IT, TRAY, DO IT, MAN, YEAH!"So I did it! Yeah, man, I did it to Devon, alright. I humped his virgin ass standing there behind the boxes in the boat shed in the public park with Jay, my sweet little bro, polishing Devon's pole and apparently beating off, from the sound of fist over meat down there, and Jay's mouth-filled lust and breathless panting!I went faster with my dick up Devon's shoot and my hands all over his smooth, sweaty, panting chest, up his furry pits, my mouth eating out his tasty boy ear, biting his lobe, sucking his funky neck."OHMYFUCKINGGOD I'M GONNA BLAST!" Devon shouted, and I know he did, I felt it, and Jay choked and moaned and whimpered all at once so I know he popped his nuts, too, and you know that sent me over, see, so I rammed it all the way up Devon and blasted my own load, and we all just froze together there in one hot sexy young man thing!Devon gasped and twitched and settled down, and we all moved apart slowly. Devon was real embarrassed. He was blushing, and Jay and me ate it up. I tossed the heavy, loaded rubber to the side. Shit, there was another one there!"Uh, oh, man, shit, dudes, I don't know, uh, fuck! FUCK!""Relax, Devon!" said Jay, grinning. He got a pen and paper from his pocket and wrote our names and number on it. "Here." Devon took it. "Call us, dude, if you ever really want to have a good time."Devon's mouth dropped! He was so cute with those curls and all. Jay stepped closer and wrapped his arms around Devon, and the younger boy loosened up a little."Oh, wow. Thanks, Jay. Tray." He couldn't look us in the eye, so I took his chin and helped him. He smiled, shyly. "How come it felt so good? I mean, uh, what you did to me, Tray?""Buttfucking?" Devon flushed. "It just feels good, dude. There's a thing in your body that goes ape shit when you tweak it.""Yeah, it does!" Devon shook his head in wonder. "Thanks. Well, bye.""Bye, Devon," said Jay."Bye, boy," I said. "Call us, any time."Devon pushed his bike away, and Jay and me went to kissing again. Loud, nasty, wild kissing. He squeezed my STILL hard dick and turned me fast and bent me over, hands against the dirty wall. I heard him drop his cords, then he roughly relieved me of mine and crouched down there and, holy fuck, that boy knows how to eat butt! He devoured me, stuck his middle finger all the way in, fucked me that way a while, then added a finger, and another.There was only so long Jay could tolerate just his fingers, and it wasn't long before he stood again and I heard him spit good and thick and felt him ram it up my hole, and with no more warning he was all the way in me, all 9", see, which kind of came as a shock, but I got over it, and Jay humped me like a damn demon!Sweet little Jay, yeah, he pumped it to his big bro good, pushing my head down and slamming my ass with that big thing, so I let go of the wall with one hand and jacked myself. It was easy with all the hot juice around."I love you, Tray," Jay panted."I'll always love your sweet ass, Jay."Then there was no more talking, see, Jay just fucked me, that's what he did, he fucked me hard and brutal and nasty and sweet and totally fucking manly! Yeah, no way around it, my little bro was a man. How the hell did that happen?"I'm gonna blow, dude!" Jay shouted, like it was some surprise!"UH-HUH!"Then he cut loose this long-assed string of primal sounds and shit and scratched my back with his clawing and all, and it hurt but I sure dug it! He really drew blood, see. And my ass was raw from the fucking he gave it! Suddenly he pushed it just a little further, or it grew right there while it was in me or some damn freaky thing, and I sprayed my seed all over the wall and floor! All over!When Jay staggered back and I stood straight, I licked the extra come off my hand but didn't swallow. I turned to Jay, who was red in the face and panting, and kissed him again, with my eyes open so I could see him taste me, and he did! It was so cool! I love the look of recognition and love when Jay tastes me.We dressed and went home and, well, some things go without saying, you know? Except that Adam and Dylan were waiting.
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